The weather is finally starting to get its shit together so I can garden without either being burnt to a crisp or being drowned. It’s also the end of summer which means time to start getting ready for the change of season and winter proofing my garden.

First off we start with a haircut and a manicure (weed and trim) to get us looking fabulous. I mean how is a girl supposed to put her best food forward when she’s looking a little bit tired and frazzled. Then we’re going to put some fertiliser on the garden and dig that in because healthy food choices are important to a growing garden.

Next is the important bit for winter at least. We’re going to mulch. The idea of mulch (I use sugar cane) is that it keeps everything warm so over winter no one is going to freeze to death. Literally. I kept the ground so warm that last year I had tomatoes growing in the middle of winter so I know it works. The upside of mulch is that it helps the soil retains water and protects the plants from being drowned in big downpours. Mulch also stops the soil washing away in said downpours messing up all your hard work. The advantage of the sugar cane and mulch I use is that as it breaks down you layer it with manure and put new mulch on top. This acts as another form of fertiliser to maintain the soil nutrients. It makes for a happy well fed garden.

Then next week I’ll add some plants. I’m keep to get another lavender since my last one died of over watering. Maybe some nice flowers. I’m seriously thinking about chamomile, maybe another sage plant or some mugwort because #witchreasons. Whatever I choose my garden will be back up and running and everything will be right in the world again.

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