The Universe works in mysterious ways

Today we got the internet back after being offline for about 2 weeks. It upset the kids more than it did Adam and I because we remember a time before internet. Now I still had the internet on my phone and I had the option of blogging while we were offline however I chose not to. It felt like the internet being down was a bit of a sign to log off and stay disconnected for a week or two.

The thing is that I thought that after a week or two of not writing that it would be hard to start again. I thought that I wouldn’t have ideas or that I’d lose my interest. It was almost like I was testing my creativity, passion and resolve to blog. To see if it was a real thing.

Turns out that it’s a real thing. I love to write and share the things that I write. I love it when the words sort of flow or sometimes spew out of me. I don’t mean writing to just creating content according to the plan or like on the ‘How to Blog’ sites. I mean writing real things that make my heart warm, that sometimes hurt or that make me happy and share my knowledge.

I missed blogging and that little bit of a forced holiday and that break has lit a bit of a fire under me to come back better than ever. I can’t promise any kind of great essays but I can promise you that all my content will be from th heart.

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