Binge watching supernatural shows

Recently I started wcthing a lot of witchy type shows on Stan and Netflix. Some of them good, some of them bad, half of them not in English. This is my review of them.

Luna Nera (1 season on Netflix)

This is a show set in a medieval-ish setting and I believe it was originally in Italian. The story is about a hereditary witch who’s mother gets killed after the local lord’s baby died during childbirth. This results in a witch hunter squad being assembled to travk and kill basically any unmarried, unaccompanied woman. The girl and her brother go into hiding and she is lead to thinking she’s the chosen one to liberate witches and bring them back into the coven. Turns out the bad guy is actually familiar to the coven and the girl isn’t the chosen one, though she is powerful.

The show is good and kept my interest the whole time. I didn’t fade out and get bored even though I found th bad guy to be a bit predicatable. What annoyed me was the main characters annoyance at not being ‘the chosen one’. There is this massive tantrum from her when the chosen one is actually revealed which to me, when this is what you have been fighting for, seems redundant.

Im not OK with this (1 season on Netflix)

This show is hilarious in a normal kind of way. It’s about a teenage girl striggling with her family after her father committed suicide. The mum works long hours trying to hold it together while living in a smal town with her two kids. As the show progresses wierd things start happending to the daughter Sid and she starts to realise she can do things with her mind. This builds until one final climactic scene where someone attempt to out her and, well, the title scene is fully reallised and explained.

The thing I like about this is that it’s normal-ish. The teenagers arent polished with co-ordinating outfits and all driving nice cars. It’s real issues like navigating parties, relationships and friendship groups. The fact Sid is developing super powers is almost and aside even though it is a major factor in the storyline. Each episode is also 30 min long which is really surprising since most shows these days are an hour long. Its something you can literally watch when you’re short on time and need a distraction.

Always a Witch (2 seasons on Netflix)

A black hereditary witch from the 17th century makes a deal withc a powerful sorcerer to save her white boyfriends life after he gets shot by his Dad. You guessed it, for being with the witch. Shenanigans ensue. Thats the best way to describe it because there are lots of moving parts.

This is originally based on a book called Yo Bruja and is a Colombian production. Overdubbed in English from it’s original Spanish I really enjoyed it. It addresses past issues of slavery and various issues related to race which is a positive. What kinda irks me is that the boyfriend out hero (Carmen) is trying to save isnt that great and at one point wants to marry her friend when he thinks Carmen isn’t coming back. Their entire relationship also seems to be based on the fact he’s nice to her and not much more. When she tells him of the future and of all the ways women and people if colour are lifted he’s all ‘meh, stay and be my wife’. What in the actual fuck. That’s no basis for a relationship and if one of your mates had a partner like that you’d say something. There are a lot of moving parts and toward the end of the first season I got a bit lost. I’m hoping the second season doesn’t suck too hard because I’ll be upset.

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