Doing the fitness

About a month or so ago I started working out again. I was talking to my friend Jamie about the mixed feelings I was having with going to the gym. Jamie is a personal trainer in the US and she kindly offered to help me with workouts and guide along the way.

I’ve loved every single thing about the programming so far. We started just getting basic movements down and working on rehab type movements for my busted up body. Oh my God it felt good on my feet and with my busted hands. Moving feels good and free. Getting around on the daily is easier.

The other thing I discovered is that I love all the wierd and awkward accessory movements. Kettlebell work, hand release push ups (me and my busted hand are doing push ups!), and farmers carrys. Something about moving in different ways outside the usual squat/deadlift/bench model.

It’s nice to feel my body working properly and it’s good to be falling in love with working out. Part of that is seeing my husband lose 24kg since Christmas. Watching his progress is getting me excited. The other thing I love is my muscles feeling sore and feeling my body working. It’s nice doing movements I know my body can do and is

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