NRL tarot reading – part 1

So this post got so much fucking bigger than I expected so it’s now a two part deal. This bit is each team getting one card pulled for them as a descriptor for their season. This is the reason the post got so long because as I stared writing more and more things started coming through. The team cards run left to right top to bottom. Every now and then I mentioned a card just so you could figure out where you were on the pic.

Tomorrow part 2 will be an overview of the NRL as a group in 2020, Latrell Mitchell at fullback, and how the Knights will go in 2020. The last 2 were actual questions I was asked so stay tuned for that.

Eels – fans rejoice because it might actually be THE year for the Eels. This card shows that while things may have been on hold or stagnant this is the time for moving forward. Don’t wait too long before you clear out that stagnation otherwise you might not get there.

Bulldogs – the Dogs need to get their shit together. Gather all their resources together so that they can move forward in one cohesive and positive direction. Be clear, decide what needs to happen and connect to the goal. Do the damn thing!

Raiders – Death isn’t a scary card!! It’s the card of transformation and rebirth. We could see a bit of a new look Raiders this year with a fresher style of play. Revamping things to continue the momentum of last year.

Titans – Titans pulled the Hermit. The hermit is about going within to solve the problems you’re having rather than reaching for external sources. We might finally see them pulling their socks up.

Cowboys – 4 of wands reversed is the sign of an upset home. Something isn’t right inside the North Queensland camp. Wether it be Valentine Holmes coming back has put some people out or they are still trying ot fill a Thurston sized hole, something aint right. Expect a bit of hot and cold.

Brisbane – Brisbane need to stand back and look at all the hard work. They’ve come a long way and have a lot of good ideas about how to make this season work for them. Sure, they might have to defend their actions a bit from others but it’s looking good for them this year,

Knights – King of Swords is a great card. It’s a mature, supportive and passionate nature. I think the we are going to se a more matured, supportive and passionate style of play out of the Knights this year. I think there are a lot of good solid influences for them this year. It might not be *the* year but it’ll be the best year in a long LONG time.

Warriors – Poor buggers I think will be pushing shit uphill this year. Its a lot to wrangle and I think that unless some delegation of roles or better on field control happens they are in for a rough season. I think that the sharing of the workload will be absolutly key to how they go, leaving it up to one guy isn’t the way to go.

Souths – My bunnies and the King of Pentacles come through!! This year is also a maturing year for the Bunnies. They’ll become closer this year and look out for eachother as more like a family. There wont be a focus on the individual stand outs rather than the team mentality and really working for eachother. Expect a strong family friendly vibe.

Cronulla – All the Kings are out in these readings! Expect Cronulla to undergo a bit of a facelift. A very strong, masculine, likeable, happy, grown up bunch of guys is what we may see this year. In part I get a feeling that it’s because after the exit of Gallen they’ve made a real effort to breathe new life into the old girl. I’m quietly excited because I think the new leadership group might be doing a thing.

Penrith – Ace of Swords. Getting passionate and firey all over again about their play. Maybe falling back in love with footy and trying some new things out. I don’t think they’ll be out of the box and firing like say Newie or the Raiders. Expect their combinations and on field efforts to be tweaked and revamped a bit. It wont turn heads or wow people immediatly but over the course of the season I think you’ll see it come together and the method in the madness. I think the Panthers are solid. I’m calling it now Panthers are the new Cronulla.

Roosters – Don’t think things are well in the Roosters camp. I get the feeling the party is over in so far as all the major players are gone and there is going to be a lot of jostling for prime positions. In doing this I believe they’re actually going to hold themselves back from achieving the things they want. They wont be awful but don’t expect the Roosters from the last few years.

Manly – I also think that Manly also may be facing a bit of anxiety over their performance this year which has the potential to ruin them. I think there are a lot of unknow things happening that means that any direction or planning the’ve had from previous years are out the window. I’m not quite sure they know who they are and have the confidence to do the things they need to do to win games just yet.

The Storm – Its all about choices. Melbourne are in this wierd position that means they have to make some choices based on blind faith. There is a strong emotional undercurrent to them but still, they have to be made and you can’t avoid that shit. It may also feel like they’re cutting their own throats doing some of the things they’re going to do but trust that it’s gonna be ok

St George – this just quietly is the surprise card of the reading. Happily ever after! They’re coming out of the slump and drama they’ve been having to come to some sort of awesomeness. It’s a cups card so expect it to be emotional and they’ll be putting the band back together. I quietly predict an old Dragoms player to be coming home (don’t think it’s De Bellin to be fair) to lift them. Even if it’s not on the playing roster expect a legend to be back to lift their game from the sidelines.

Tigers – I actually feel bad for the Tigers. They have the promise of so many shiny and fantastic things that they’re overwhelmed. It’s like being told you can have anything in the world you want and having so many things to choose from your brain collapses. To make the most of all these things they need to sit back, make up their own criteria rather than rely on what others think and go from there. Trust their guts because I think that’ll give the best results.

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