NRL tarot read – part 2

NRL season overview

So this year is going to be a bit of a test. This season is going to start off with recovering from some bullshit. Everyone feels like their choices are being taken away but they’re not. The NRL will be subjected to some sort of higher governing body and they’ll just have to deal. The NRL also want to watch how much money they’re throwing at shit and what their values are. Don’t go getting all twised and wound up because there will be delays. The NRL will be subjected to a higher bodies rules still so there’s that. Also any action that’s taken in regard to this outside influence needs to be quick and involve travelling. The thing is that the NRL has to be careful not to be all talk and no action. Focusing too much on the material and not about the fans and what’s been built so far and focus on retaining that.

Knights 2020 season

Ok so the Knights are coming out of a period of a lot of fucking about. However there also appears to be a lot of hard work going on. As much as the work isn’t fun it’s done with 100% love and affection. It’s loving, kind and done with the squad best interest at heart. The result of this is a massive self confidence boost coming from passing through some dark days. It’s going to come together in something amazing because the 10 of cups is the fairytale ending. There is a lot of new emotions swirling about and it’s exciting because it’s a pride they’ve never felt before. Get excited Newcastle fans.

Will Latrell Mitchell go well at Fullback?

This is the easiest and most ‘no shit’ draw out of the whole set of readings. So in the past Latrell has had a lot of fuckery going on around him. Lots of people in his past have been having their 2 cents worth telling him what to do, who to be and how best to manage himself. Best of intentions and everything but totally confusing at times. Currently though it a time to create and bring something to the table he hasn’t before. Maybe a softer more feminine approach rather than an angry aggressive way of doing things. This position holds so much potential for him to put something great out there. The other thing that’s interesting is this last card. It’s showing a recovery from loss on a finanical and spiritual front. I think being in this club at this time in this position will allow him to gain an insight into himself he may not have previously. Almost like a homecoming for him in a way. It looks like it might just pay off here.

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