wedding anniversary

Today I’ve been married 8 years and I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a fuckin wild ride.

We spent the early years of our marraige in absolute chaos. Like real actual fuckery. There was always someone coming for me or fucking with Adam because they didn’t like me. Being a strong woman with opinions isn’t cool with many people apparently. Ads got really sick too which threw a lot of things out the window. Then we had challenges with my hand collapsing, the kids, our old car, Adam being sick again and nearly dying. Like I said it’s been a time.

The thing that’s gotten us through the whole thing I think is the fact that we work as a team. The cliche stands that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. I do the things that I’m good at with all the organising, medical appointments, dealing with therapists and the background prep work. Ads does the things he’s good at with financing, on the day logistics, heavy lifting, dealing with people and being the public face of Team Mawson.

Even with the world as scary and wierd as it is right now I’m so lucky to have Adam as my human.

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