…and then the Coronas happened

Where the fuck do I even start?

Last week the casuals at work were all stood down. Everyone sat there in shock and a bit stunned because we work for a big club that does well having mutiple sites that owns a NRL team. How in the heck do we get to this point? The permanent staff all kept on at work cleaning and doing what we could to keep busy cracking jokes. Then the email came that we were all waiting for. The government shut all registered pubs and clubs so as of Monday we’re all stood down. Jobs to go back to when this passes eventually but for the next 6 months say we’ve got no hours.

So what the fuck do I even do now?

Well for I get paid tomorrow for the week just worked. Sweet. I’m part way through applying for government assistance so hopefully that goes through soon. Then the government is talking about $750 boosts for those on payments already which will be a little over a weeks wage so thats another week that we’re good for. Then there’s $10K in super to access because bills and shit wont pay themselves. So there is money but it’s a matter of accessing it, that it gets here in time and hoping to God it’s enough to last or the government lifts restrictions.

So again we’re back to this ever present what the fuck do I do now?

Well, Ads and I have survived through a lot of shit. We’ve been broke as fuck before only thing is that last time we didn’t have 2 kids. Still, we’ll be ok. I’m good at using raw ingredients so we have a bit of a leg up in that department. There soon will be school work to be done with our son once it starts being sent home. I have a garden and yard that needs some work. I have a house that needs cleaning and a whole host of things that have been left go because I just haven’t had the time.

Tomorrow though I have bananas that need to be turned into cake, forms that need finishing, blogs that need writing and a mountain of folding that I’m ignoring.

Stay safe people.

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