Life in the time of Corona

Now I could blog about other stuff but it’s really all that’s on TV, on social media or anyone is talking about.

Lets start with the shops or lack there of. It’s awesome that Coles has dedicated hours for the elderly, vunerable people. I’ve been to the shops a couple of times and it’s generally alright. Sure, it’s still hard to get rice, pasta and good luck getting a biscuit but I got tissue and nappies. Oooh I got hotdogs which is good because it’s a preferred food for both kids. Winning. The other thing is that everyone is staying out eachothers way too which is pretty good.

Now the thing I don’t get is hoarders. Yeah, we’ve all talked shit about them but it’s like when an unpopular politician gets in power. No one knows how they get there because no one apparently voted for them. Everyone you speak to says ‘oh I’m not a hoarder. Now someone is lying because those groceries don’t magically buy themselves. Chances are one peopleof those professing not to be a hoarder actually is and has 200 rolls of toilet paper in their cupboard. What the fuck. What the actual fuck. What are you even going to do with all the hoarded food? Are you all eating rice and mince for 3 meals a day and snacking on every bag of corn chips in the shop? Jesus.

So we’re at home with what we can get from the shops with or without other people. That leaves the problem of bordem and cabin fever. My husband is an extrovert so the poor bugger is going to struggle and I suspect live on social media. I’m pretty sure I’ve friended most of my favorite people from work on Facebook so that I can annoy the living shit out of them still. If you’re at home it’s probably starting to sink in that this is life for a good long while which is pretty daunting. There’s no where to be and no ‘to do’ list. We’re all being forced to be slow down and just be.

So what in the hell do we do?

Well there is only so much Netflix you can watch so I’m not relying on that. We have taken over part of the toyroom and turned it into a bit of the gym and I’m doing a half hour work out every day just to keep my body moving. I’m also still a Mum who’s running a household so I have that to do. I’m also a bit of alright in the kitchen so I’m looking at using raw ingredients to make spaghetti sauce, soup and if times get tough entertainment wise I’m looking at making puff pastry from scratch because I’m a masochist. If hand made croissants enter my Instafeed multiple times send help. I do have to say I’m absolutly gutted that the libraries are closed because my choices last trip were not the best and I’m now stuck with them for the next little while. I do have shelves of books here so there’s that. For now though we’re inside making the best of it.

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