This is shit….

Public service announcement – those flushable toilet bum wipes are not so flushable. How do I know this? Our main sewage line exploded today because of said wipes. I’m not even kidding. I wish I was.

Rewind to yesterday……

So yesterday evening our oldest told me that water was shooting out the bathroom sink. Alllright, that’s wierd. In looking into this I discovered there appears to be a blockage because water is going places it shouldn’t. Google tells me not to put caustic soda down the toilet and chuck a bunch of hot water down there. Ok, that seems to have done something.

Fast forward to this morning……

So the toilet is flushing but different drains are gurling and the sinking feeling that this is going to involve a professional. Then I walk out and see it. The overflow for our drain is spewing paper and literal shit all over itself. Fucking fantastic. Leaving it in Adams capable hands I went shopping. Then came the phone call. Halfway through shopping the phone rings and it’s Adam telling me that he’s pulled one of Rivers skirts out of the drain because he’s been up to his elbow in poop. Aaaalllllright. Ok. Ok. I get home to the news that my smaller arm is going down the much cleaner drain. My arm down the drain leads to no joy but less of a blockage when more junk keeps coming out.

Time for the professional.

So it turns out that 8.1m from the toilet thanks to a drain snake with a camera we found a blockage. A bunch ‘flushable’ toilet wipes. I thought it was a nappy at first but no it’s a big wad of these wipes that got blasted out by a pressure hose thinger. Now if you use these wipes and your lines are damaged it’ll snag and hey presto! Blockage city. Apparently various water boards and things have tried to take action against these companies labelling them as ‘flushable’ when they aren’t. It causes a lot of money in trying to fix blockages of them.

Hence the PSA – flushable wipes aren’t good for the plumbing. You will end up covered in shit.

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