Week 3 of whatever this is

I had a boss that used ot say that it takes about 4 weeks to get used to a new job. The first week is new and you’re busy learning how to do the actual job. Just trying to remember everything. Week 2 and you’re getting the hang of it and are starting to make progress. Week 3 is the worst and when you are confident and on your way. This is also normally the week you’ll have some sort of catastrophic fuck up. Then by week 4 you’re swimming fine and have found your feet.

We’re on week 3 of isolation and this week it got me. My motivation waned this week and I forgot what day it was to the point that I said happy Saturday to everyone on Friday.

So this week it really started to sink in that we really aren’t going anywhere in a hurry. I was starting to relax and toy with the idea that time doesn’t mean much really only that it’s day or night. I stayed up late which isn’t something I normally do and then I slept late too which is also shit because River still wakes up at 5am. I also managed to wish everyone on the work app Happy Saturday on Good Friday which was embarassing sure, but I was out there trying to connect with people so meh.

It was Easter too which threw everything out the window. We had to break the news of the Bunny to our oldest son because sneaking around to put eggs out would be hard with him rattling around all the time. He pretty much knew anyway so it wasn’t so hard. Then egg day turned up and that threw us all out because chocolate for breakfast makes the concept of ‘lunch’ and ‘dinner’ mean nothing.

I continued more into an artistic journey by colouring in one page of one of my colouring books every day. I also dragged out a lot of my old art stuff and found a box of chalk pastels. I had a go at them and managed to draw the top view of a fish and a couple of landscape things. Quite proud of myself because I haven’t touched them in quite a few years. I also painted my nails in a french manicure with gold and black because why the fuck not.

OOOHHH and my seeds have sprouted!! All the seeds I planted have come up and they are so strong. My sage babies are coming up hard and fast. My tomatoes? Forget about it!! So strong, healthy and that at this rate I’ll be steaking them soon. Even the snow peas plants the guy over the back gave me kicked in and are climbing their little wire tower.

So this week has been alright. Slightly disorienting and a bit bewildering but it’s getting there. It’s the week three wobbles but I think that I’ll get there.

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