Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

So we’re on week 6 of this corona shenanigans and biiiiitch it’s been a bit of a week.

So, this time last week I was harassing my very sick husband into the possibility of going to hospital. He was so sick with a fever and all the hallmarks of having corona virus. Tuesday rolls around and Adam himself decides to go to the hospital because he was sick. Then for the next 2 days the silly bastard gets himself admitted to the corona/respitory unit. Now it turns out after 2 different sets of swabs that no, Ads doesn’t have corona but a viral infection. That’s awesome but then I get sent for tests because I didn’t want to have the same thing as Ads. Now *I* don’t have the ‘rona but I did have a shitty viral thing. All good now but holy crap did it temporarily shorten my lifespan.

The other thing I’ve been doing is drawing alot. I mean a lot. I started quietly a few weeks ago with a Christmas beetle then, an octopus, a jellyfish then a butterfly and currently I’m working on a rainbow lorikeet. On the side of that I decided to take part in a 12 day drawing/art challenge with mum that’s run by an art shop she goes to. I’m doing it mostly to see if I can actually do it. Day 1 in the bag (sealife starting with b) and it feels ok. If that’s not enough I decided to illustrate my own tarot deck so that’s 78 cards of images I can play around with.

Lots of art and lots of scares.

I’m doing more than I’ve ever done and I’ve never been happier. It turns out being a Mum and creating things really is my jam.

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