You like-a my tomatoes eh???

Remember at the beginning of all this I planted a giant ass garden? It stretched the entire length of our back fence and had a whole bunch of veggies in it. I had high hopes for my little quarentine garden.

Well she hasn’t disappointed!!

The little sage plants are killing it. They’ve grown so big they have half a dozen leaves each. We lost one due to animals or over zelous weeding (whoops) but the remaining 4 are going strong, The snowpeas we got from the neightbour are looking ok and growing well and that leads me to the tomatoes.

Have you seen Sooshi Mango the comedy group? That one guy that says ‘you like my tomatoes eh?”. That’s me. I want to show everyone my tomatoes because they have shot up like and are massive. They are that big that they need to be re-tied to the stakes which to be fair I didn’t think they’d need just yet. This year I believe we might have tomatoes again through the winter which is exciting.

The broccoli and cauliflower and sprouting up and I’m curious about how long until they start to fatten out into their final stages. Oooh and I planted some garlic the other day after I found it sprouted in the fridge and is looking amazing. At this point I’m pretty sure I have the ingredients growing in my garden to have spaghetti made with 80% of things from our garden.

The spinach is coming along nicely in little clumps bless it’s cotton socks. It’sw neighbours the cucumbers are coming through strong and I think are about to start climbing as vines.

I am worried about the mint because it has some sort of funky fungus that’s making it’s leaves yellow and spotty. A bit of a Google later and I’m sufre I’ll be able to fix it. Im also worried that a giant frost a few weeks ago killed off my tiny lettuce. I’ll ask the garden Gods to look after the little buggers and maybe get some more mulch (my husband swears I’m obsessed) and try and revive them.

Who knew quarentine gardening would be so successful!!

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