When this is all over

The other day I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about when all this is over and everything goes back to normal. They were talking about what they learned and wanted to take back into their normal working life and routines. So, while I was vaccuming and tidying the house I started to think about this very thing.

I decided that straight up I’m not ready to go back to work ever. Not because I don’t want to work or I hate my job. I’m enjoying being a working in the home mum so much that I don’t want to go back. Rivers speech is getting better and she’s picking up so many more things. I’m getting on with Hunter better and it’s been good just chilling at home with him. They’re both eating a wider variety of foods and everyone just seems happier now I’m around more. Hell even Ads and I are hanging out more and enjoying eachothers company.

I’m believe it or not enjoying doing stuff around the house. I actually like keeping the house tidy, making homemade snitzels, meal planning and gardening. I also enjoy being more creative and it’s been a really good outlet for stress. I’m not wound up and worried about things anymore.

That sense of calm and happiness is something that I want keep once this is all over. How I do that is a different story. So the podcast was saying that you get 80% of your results from 20% of your work. So I while I was pottering around the house I started thinking well what does that 20% look like for me, and how do I get it done. Apparently the key to this, according to the podcast, was looking at how you got yout biggest successes and wins.

Well I think the key for me is planning. It’s something that comes naturally and seems to work. Keeping the meal plans so I know what’s coming up and when. That way I can still prepare the awesome kievs etc ahead of time so we can still have the homemade stuff and I’m not stressing. Sticking to a bit of a housework schedule will hopefully mean I’m not left trying to stuff it all into a Sunday. There is also no reason that I shouldn’t be able to draw and be creative. Sure things may take longer but it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth doing.

Apart from planning the way I do things is to be persistant and be myself. If I try and do things how others do it never ends well. I have to do things in my own way and in my own time. To maintain this little world of happiness and calm I’m more than willing to do that .

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