TV shows

I’ve snuck in a surprising amount of TV while I’ve been stood down from work. This week I started looking through some of the shows I used to watch that have been quite significant in my life. Not all of them sit the way they used to.

The Young Ones is much funnier as an adult than it ever was as a kid. You sorta get the jokes a lot more because they rely on you knowing stuff and are far less slapstick. The characters are better and the jokes hit right as a grown up. Rick is far less annoying and Neil is far more annoying which isn’t what I expected at all. It aired in ‘82 (released exactly 12 months after I was born to the day), I watched it in the 90s and now in 2019 so some of its pretty dated but not so unrecognisable that it’s not funny.

I found The Mighy Boosh when I was trolling for something new to watch. I somehow forgot how trippy and crazy it was because after 3 episodes I was a bit ‘what in the actual fuck am I watching’. Then I realised I used to smoke a fair amount of weed when I watched it so it’d probably made more sense if I was off my face.

Monty Pythons Holy Grail is a classic and is never not funny. I can repeat most of it word for word which adds to a lot of the charm. The fact that the kids laughed when they watched it too was good. They didn’t alway get the subtle jokes but they knew it was funny. I think it never gets old for me because it links to a really happy time in my childhood.

That brings me to Monty Pythons Flying Circus. I caught bits as a kid but didn’t really watch it until I was older. It was only until I rewatched it recently that I realised it wasn’t laugh yourself ass off funny but you can appreciate the humour anyway. The bits that are funny (Lumberjack song, Spam, Ministry of Silly Walks) though are fucking hilarious. It’s a bit like those things are suspended in a comedy capsule (she’a 50 of years old) and will forever be funny.

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