J?! Around the house?! What?!

About a week ago I said to Mum I’d go in a drawing challenge with her that’s run through her favorite art supply shop. The deal is that they post a topic at 10am on their Facebook account in either the catagories of ocean life, nature (Earth or things on it) or around the house. You have until 9pm to upload something. Any medium you want,

Do you know how hard that is?!? Seriously. The first couple where good and you got to see what level everyone is and where their heads are at with topics. Then by yesteday when P with the topic ocean life came up I went “what in the hell…”. I wanted something fun to do that challenged me which was the point of the whole thing but also something a bit unique. I did Peacock Mantis Shrimp and I called him Francois and he’s cute. To get there it took a bit because I went through all the porpiose, puffin, penguin shenanigans you’d think of. Then I thought about Poisodeon and fuck up the theme completely because there was no stipulations that the thing had to be real life.

Of course I messaged Mum and asked her what she was doing. Mum painted pearls and they looked kick ass. I think that’s half the fun of the challenge is messaging Mum going “what the fuck” and brainstorming for 20 mins. The hardest topic so far has been around the house and I think that’s going to be today. Wish me luck while I curse my house for having boring shit….

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